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Scroll down to the interactive image below to explore your custom options!
(Please note: there is a minimum of 32 dozen for Create-Your-Own garment bags)

Custom Printing

Large text and design can appear on the front and back of the bag, both horizontally and vertically.

Custom Sizing

Choose from any of our stocked sizes, or create a size that works best for your store. Handles, pockets, and additional features are also available.

Custom Colors

Print can be matched to any Pantone/PMS color. The bag itself, as well as the piping, must be a color we currently offer (please see our available garment bags to explore your options).

Receive a Quote

Once we have your vision on paper, receiving a quote will take approximately 1-2 business day. The price of your bag depends on the details you choose.


If the quote is accepted, we will finalize the artwork and provide an exact sample within approximately 3 weeks. Once approved, the factory will go into full production.

Await The Arrival

Your custom garment bags take approximately 3-4 months to arrive from our factory overseas.

Receive Your Dream Bags

As soon as we receive your bags, we will notify you and ship asap. You will LOVE your one-of-a-kind bags and stand out above the competition!

Due to the unique nature of the process, we prefer to discuss details over the phone. To inquire more about Create-Your-Own garment bags or to take the first step, please call us at 1 (800) 758-8779. We look forward to turning your dream into a reality.

Add large print and text anywhere on the bag, using any Pantone/PMS color.
Choose from stock images and graphics, or send us your own! You dream it, we make it happen!
Have you always wanted your logo enlarged? Add your 1 color or multi-colored logo to your bags with no size restrictions!
When you Create-Your-Own garment bags, you have the unique opportunity to pick and choose the location of your print, which means you can design each panel individually. (Example: hearts pattern only pictured on left panel)
Add a pop of color! Here you can change the color of the piping AND the zipper.
With the entire bag as a blank canvas, you have the opportunity to write anything on your bag to promote your brand. Add your locations, social media handles and more!
Sizing and dimensions: choose from any of our stocked sizes or create the one that works best for your inventory!

Have more questions? Feel free to shoot us an email or call for any additional information.